The trails and tribulations of a bride-to-be…

I have two months to get married, and I am frantically searching for a good make-up artist and hair stylist in Coimbatore! Never did I imagine that it was going to be such an arduous process. For those of you who don’t know about Coimbatore- it is the 2nd largest city in Tamil Nadu, a state in southern India. It is by no means a mega city or a metropolitan city and I’ve always loved the quaint little place. Now that it is witnessing such aggressive development, there are salons and stylists mushrooming on every street with big promises and tempting outcomes. But seldom do they deliver what they promise, leaving a huge hole in the pocket. As I begin my countdown, I frantically run from one salon to another trying out their bridal makeup skills and leaving disappointed and that much broke! This is my page to complain, review and warn my fellow ladies about the quality of services at each of the salons I visit in Coimbatore.

The saving grace is that I have my Mehendi artist. She was referred to us a long time ago (about 7 years!) and she is REALLY good at what she does! If you want to know her contact details, leave a comment below and I can forward her number to you (I am really not sure if I can post her number without her approval, so I’d rather not!). Step one was my visit to VLCC, followed by Green trends. Reviews and experiences coming up soon…

PS: In the mean time, if you know of a good salon in coimbatore (that does not paint your eyelids green because you are wearing a green saree!), I would really appreciate any suggestions.

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