Swine flu in Mumbai…

Educational Institutions, multiplexes and malls were closed down in Mumbai for a week as a means of containing the spread of swine flu… In the last few weeks, people of mumbai have been paying more attention to the filthy habits of others (conveniently ignoring their own!).  Like the other day i saw a woman buying vegetables from a vendor who coughed without covering his mouth. The woman’s heart skipped a beat… I thought she’s now more prone to a heart attack than swine flu. Quickly she grabbed the first thing she can cover her mouth with- her dupatta, and was soon in peace with the reassurance that her dupatta will save her from the deadly virus…

I was walking to college the other day when I saw a woman who kept spitting every few steps. With my tolerance pushed to the brink I approached her the next time and told her politely “Sister, please don’t spit, it spreads tuberculosis.” The second she saw me approach her, she covered her mouth and nose with whatever she was holding- ainterestingly, an umbrella!!! And she had that terror in her face… As if I was committing some kind of crime against her!!!

Tuberculosis kills more people (atleast ten times more) in India and especially in mumbai than any such flu outbreak could. Unfortunately people are so ambivalent about this deadly disease. Every now and then I see an autorickshaw which carries the message “Do not spit. Spitting spreads TB” on the rear side of the hood. Unfortunately it is always written in English, its not like english speaking people come to the city with the aim of spitting everywhere and spreading TB. The failure to understand the objective behind such causes and provide appropriate forms of awareness messages is depressing.

At this rate, I think there is a high chance of Mumbai drowning in the spit of its people than the water body that surrouds it.

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