I have nothing to say…

I had for quite sometime been sensitive and sympathetic to terrorists as victims themselves who have little opportunity but to turn to violence… But now I’m left dumbstruck after witnessing the recent mumbai terror attacks… I guess it had to happen where I live for me to shed out the idealistic thoughts I held about the whole issue. It has left me completely clueless and confused about human beings and their capacity to do evil…

One of my friend said while we were discussing the mumbai attack, “We as human beings do not have natural predators. Perhaps this was nature’s (or God’s) way of trimming the herd!”

And then there was this other opinion by another friend when we were discussing about why such things would happen. She said,

“we as humans are constantly trying to find answers to why somethings happen. May be there is no reason or rationale behind individual actions! May be political agenda of some people is strong enough to manipulate a large number of people to behave in ways that are destructive and unreasonable. And we as humans derive comfort from knowing that some uproar happened as a result of oppression. What if there is no such connection? What if these actions are random and the motive is pure destruction?” This is a completely scary thought!

What if we are capable of pure and complete evil for no rhyme or reason? This got me thinking about the compulsive need of human beings to put two and two together, to look for causal relationships and connections in actions.

I believe (and agree to Kelley’s theory) that all of us are researchers in our own way. We observe, analyse, interpret and derive theories about the issues that we encounter in our everyday lives. We are constantly looking at understanding the reasons behind actions. This is so important that when somebody acts in ways which does not provide any reasonable explanation, it is considered a disorder…

Connections and causal relationships provide comfort to an otherwise chaotic world. But are these relationships true or are they socially constructed? Or is there any absolute truth in the world of human behavior?

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  1. Concluded brilliantly! For me thats reality.

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