About Terrorism

Terrorism- a much debated and discussed topic right from the parliament to the local café. So what is terrorism? According to me, terrorism is a mode of communication evolved as a result of fanaticism followed by an organisation or a group of people, who target, to hurt, threaten, kill, or spread fear, societies and communities.


But the question we need to ask here is this, “Is terrorism a weapon only of the minority groups of the world?”  


Technically the answer here is a clear no. However, reality narrates a different story. And it is not due to the misinterpretation of theory; it’s because of the denial of the communities to recognize the patterns of majority organizations as terrorism. Today, terrorism has become synonymous to Islam. But what about those numerous saffron clad, tika adorned Hindu activist groups in India that use force and threat to ensure minorities stay minorities? Would that count as terrorism? Or do we as Hindus, being majority, have the luxury of twisting our theories?


What we need to understand is the pattern of terrorism- its vicious circle in order to break it. And those which were the cause of terrorism need to also be recognized as terrorist activities.


No act of terrorism begins out of a vacuum. The fanaticism grows as a result of continued oppression by the majority group. What is necessary at this hour is that we recognize such treatments by majority groups as terrorist acts. The harassment of Muslims by the Hindus has never been considered as acts of terrorism because of our own convenience and the minorities had least opportunities to voice their concern. This resulted in an upheaval of the cruel kind. And, now we are quick to act, just because we are the majority and have the power to choose what we will overlook and what we would not.


The instigators are never labeled as terrorists, but only those who revolt against oppression (and unfortunately, though understandably, their actions can ‘theoretically’ be called so). I am not justifying the acts of the Muslim extremist groups. I’m just trying to delve deep into the causes of such acts.


Though it could be too late to look back and make amends, it is a valuable lesson for future. It is time that we use the term terrorism (if at all we intend on using it) without prejudice and to all factions applicable- whether majority or minority. Its time we looked at terror groups of the majority groups like the Hindu extremists under the lens of Terrorist groups. Personally, I believe that would be the accurate categorization. Their acts of spreading terror have to be strictly condemned and handled with the same seriousness as Islamic extremist groups. This would perhaps, to a certain extent, reduce the probability of future extremist minority groups attacking innocent people.

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  1. cool!!! – thanks a lot for this post!!!

  2. Well analysed! I’m thinking aloud, do you think the fact remains that these communal disharmony has soley or only political agenda behind it. I lived in most parts of India where people from different facets of life live in harmony. And nowadys a common doesn’t really care about these things. May be I’m a missing a point here, my insight is only from a city bred standpoint but cannot treally comment on tons and villages.

    Again, very well said..

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