Have a heart, walk your dog…

Today as I was getting ready to work I saw this boy outside, walking around with a dog leash in his hand. As I moved closer to the window I noticed he had brought the dog out for a walk. It was a good looking beige Labrador (let us call him Rex) and he was happily wagging his tail and sniffing around. The boy wanted Rex to enter a building and so signaled for Rex. Oblivious to the world around, Rex was happy to sniff around a car. Seeing that the disobeyed him, he took the leash and started to scare the dog and hit him with it. Rex did not lose his temper and continued to enjoy his little time outside by ignoring and moving away from the boy. Seeing this, the boy got further agitated and started to hit the dog more forcefully. By this time they had moved to the corner and were out of my sight. But in a few seconds I heard a rather nasty barking and I could only infer what would have happened.


Sometimes I wonder why people adopt a dog. I don’t know whether ‘adopt’ is the right word. It’s more like “keep” a dog as if it is a memento or collectible. Just because it is an animal and cannot communicate effectively like you and I do, we as human (the superior beings!) tend to neglect and abuse them. Having a dog (or any pet for that matter) is like having a child. It is a big responsibility. And they are animals, which mean they like to have a lot of space and like to play around and get their physical exercise. This in turn means that they have to be taken out for a walk. By that I don’t mean pulling them by the leash and walk for ten minutes and bring them back home. I mean take them to a park or a bigger space where they can freely roam about and run around and play for at least 30 minutes a day. This could be “your” stress buster and work out session as well. If you don’t have time for that, you don’t deserve to keep a pet.    


There is so much of manhandling and harassment of dogs and pets that I feel doubtful about the nurturing nature of humans. Some people have this habit of dressing up dogs!!! Just because your life is dictated by the fashion police don’t drag the poor dog into the whole charade!!! Worse still I have heard of people making a dog drink beer or other alcoholic substances or blow smoke on its face and see the reaction. And I’ve heard them comment “oh come on! Let the dog enjoy a little bit as well.” If your body can react to some (lets say X) quantity of alcohol, imagine how small a quantity would be required for a dog to experience it. Also, dogs live on instincts of survival and procreation. For them, such risk-seeking and adrenaline pumping behavior are considered as a threat to their existence. It is like someone pouring a scoop of harpic (or any detergent) in your mouth and watching how you react to it.


People seem to use dogs and pets as a means of expressing their status, power, authority and perverted sense of style. Loyal as they are, the poor dogs learn to live with these atrocities and still wag their tails. May be one day there will be a K-9 mutiny against the human beings and perhaps then we would learn to act in a more “humane” (isn’t that ironic) manner.

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