Hoping for a gender-sensitive & a sensible Ghajini

She is a happy-go-lucky kinda girl who believes in doing what she feels right. One day she runs into trouble as she rescues a group of children from the mean and vicious villian. That brings lot of trouble home- literally. The villian’s hitmen enter her home and wait for her to kill her. She enters her house (now everything becomes slow motion!!!) and in a few minutes finds there are people in her house who’re trying to kill her. She runs and hides inside the smallest room in her house while the hitmen search for her frantically. At this moment, her lover- the hero!!! is at the door ringing the bell. Knowing that she must be at home but not answering her door, he calls her on the cellphone. The bad men are searching for her and the phone starts ringing, giving away her hide- out! She does not know what to do, she holds her hand bag tight wishing that the phone would stop ringing … Alas! it does not work. Unfortunatly, she was caught and killed 😦

Going by the tamil version of the movie Ghajini, we can logically conclude that women (at least in Tamil nadu) are not at all techno-savvy. But more important, they lack survival skills and tend to be killed due to inefficient management or ignorance of use of telecom products!!!

On a more serious note, the movie has depicted women to be impulsive on one end and illogical and tactless on the other. It is appalling to see that a man with anterograde amnesia could save the day and destroy evil while sensible educated women (and that too hundreds of them) are depicted as “dumb.” This can be seen in the movie where a hand full of bad guys rape a girl in the hostel and hundreds of girls just stand around and cry. Nobody had the sense to just cal 100!!! This is the lousiest depiction ever. I hope the Bolloywood version would be a little sensible and gender sensitive. I must confess I am a little doubtful after watching movies like Hey Baby wherein a mother leaves her child in the hands of random men who are known to be casanovas!!! I’m pinning my hopes on Amir Khan’s eye for details and sensitivity in approach.

Anyways, all we can do is to wait and watch the movie and keep up the hope till then.

Until next time….

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  1. very nicely written..i dont agree to a few things though…

  2. Thankx 🙂 Not everything can be agreeable to all… Can you list them out for me?

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